About Us

About Us

Ethnic clothes like sarees and lehenga cholis are always in great demand and they always will be, not just in India but even outside of India. With time, designs and materials used to make these clothes have evolved in different regions of India which fits the trends and choices of the generation. Indian sarees are world famous and women all over the world loves wearing sarees. To meet the high demand of sarees, we, at Navkar Silk Mills manufacture and export a wide variety of Party Wear, Designer, Ethnic, Fancy and many other types of Sarees and Lehenga Cholis. Being in business for about 24 years as a manufacturer, we have experienced the evolution of this business with time. We have also changed with time to keep up with the changing demands of different fashion and trends of our products. Our experience has made us understand what the client prefers, needs and demands. Be it our Designer Chaniya Choli, Ladies Lehenga Choli or Ladies Printed Sarees, Ladies Georgette Sarees, etc., each piece of our offering goes through various levels of quality checks to ensure that only good quality products are delivered to our clients.

Quality Assurance

Our exceptional quality assurance team focuses on maximizing the the quality and minimizing the cost. We use the most efficient methods and techniques to make sure that happens. We are committed to our clients and are determined to make products that satisfy them and make them happy. We conduct thorough quality checks on incoming raw materials, outgoing final products and on production process. The fashion apparels we offer are passed through a number of tests that are conducted to ensure supreme quality, following are the tests that we conduct:
  • Finishing tests
  • Colorfastness check
  • Stitching tests
  • Test to judge accuracy of designs and patterns
  • Fabrics strength test
Due to our outstanding quality, we have mustered a loyal customer base and we have continued in business for longer than 15 years.

Our Team

We have a hard working team of 10 dedicated employees including 2 creative designers. Our team is highly innovative when it comes to designing and making new products. We always welcome to new ideas, opinions, methods and approaches that could help us improve in our efficiency of production. With support of appointed sincere workers, we are not afraid of challenges and changes. We have individuals with various skills in our team who are placed in positions complementary to each other. Our team is highly trustworthy, committed to the clients and is extremely professional when it comes to work due to which we are growing in the domain. Further, our experts always ensure punctual delivery of the products so that our customers don't keep waiting for the product to get delivered.

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